Showtime Launches Standalone, Subscriptionless Service

Showtime App

Following in the footsteps of HBO, Showtime is now going to be available as a standalone service now, providing access to programming without paying a cable or satellite bill.

CBS owned Showtime, although not as popular as HBO, launches ahead of new season premiers and includes unlimited on-demand streaming of shows as well as live broadcasts of both the channel’s east and west feeds.

The Showtime standalone service cost $10.99 per month with no subscription after a 30-day free trial, while HBO’s standalone cost $14.99 per month. Right now the Showtime service is available on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Roku set-top boxes. Look for it on PlayStation Vue and Hulu services this week.

[via Showtime]

Senal SMH-1000 Studio Headphones Review

Senal_SMH-1000 Studio Headphones
Headphones are an important part of proper audio dissection whether in the studio or the field. They are portable, light weight and offer an atmosphere void of ambient noise.  The Senal SMH-1000 studio headphones have been with me for several weeks now and to this point I am very pleased.

There are many headphones in the sub-$100 category. Most will agree that the Sony MDR-7506 are the industry standard for audio engineers, even favored above much more expensive competitors. Having said that, the Senal SMH-1000 is a direct copy of the Sony’s with, in my opinion, some important improvements. The Senal headphones have comfortable, replaceable ear cushions; twist-lock detachable cables (3’ straight and 10’ coiled) with a 1/4 inch and 3.5mm connector; padded headband and foldable/collapsible design and at about $90 are very close in price to the Sony’s. [Read more…]