EA Releases New Titanfall Trailer for Beta Launch

EA is hyping the release of the Titanfall beta with a new action-packed trailer. The beta is coming on February 14 to Xbox One and PC. You can register for a chance to get in on the beta on the Titanfall website.

Titanfall launches on Xbox One and PC on March 11. It releases on Xbox 360 on March 25. You can pre-order it here on Amazon.com.

Apple Working on Built-in Phone Conversation Recording from Your iPhone

Apple iPhone Conversation Recorder

In an Apple patent application (USPTO App. No. 13/556115) published by the USPTO today, Apple showed that it is working on a way to record phone conversations taking place on your iPhone.

Before you get creeped out, the patent notes that the phone conversations recording via Apple’s on-device method are intended to only be consensual recordings. Apple’s design to record phone calls on the iPhone requires both parties to consent to the recording.

The consent can be given at the time the recording starts or users can create a “trust list” in which calls between users are deemed to always be consensual for recording. The recording consent can be given from any phone – it doesn’t have to be an iPhone. As the patent application notes: [Read more...]