Sony HDR-CX350V Hands-On Review

Sony HDR-CX350V

The Sony HDR-CX350V is a compact camcorder that captures Full HD 1080 video in AVCHD format.  In addition to AVCHD video format, the CX350V can also capture 7.1MP still images with its Exmor R CMOS sensor.  The CX350V features 32GB of internal flash memory, which can be expanded via Memory Stick or SD cards.

Sony HDR-CX350V

The compact size of the CX350V is immediately apparent.  This camera will easily fit into a purse or jacket pocket.  The fold-out LCD screen folds smoothly into the camera and is flush on all edges.  When folded-out though, you get the benefit of the touchscreen display, which allows you to operate functions like Face Touch directly from the screen.  Just touch a subject’s face on the screen to prioritize all sorts of settings like focus, color, exposure and Smile Shutter.  As with other Sony cameras, the touchscreen interface is very well implemented on the CX350V.

The CX350V offers embedded GPS, which allows content to be geo-tagged.  Another benefit of the GPS is that the camera automatically adjusts the clock for the appropriate time zone, so you don’t have to worry about changing it when you travel.

The CX350V has a 12x optical zoom built around a Sony G lens.  Additionally, the lens is equipped with optical image stabilization, which Sony dubs as Optical Steady Shot.  Optical image stabilization uses a gyro sensor to detect camera shake and prevent you videos from having the ‘shaky-cam’ effect.  In practice, I found the CX350V’s image stabilization to be very effective.

Sony HDR-CX350V

The video quality of the CX350V looked stunning on the 2.7-inch LCD.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to bring any back with me; however, I hope to get more time with the CX350V soon and will be sure to provide some video samples when I do.  However, I can tell you that I was very impressed with how the image quality appeared in low light and on moving subjects.  The AVCHD format appears to offer very solid video quality.

The zoom action of the CX350V is very smooth and concise.  I had no real complaints with the speed or action of the zoom.  Likewise, the autofocus performance of the CX350V appears to be spot on.  I shot static subjects at different ranges and moving targets that varied in distance to camera without any noticeable misses in AF accuracy.

Sony HDR-CX350V

The only minor quibble that I picked up on with the CX350V was the glossy finish of the casing.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of the glossy finish due to the amount of fingerprints that it picks up.  Is that a deal killer? No.  But it’s a “I woulda done it different” for me.

Sony HDR-CX350V

All in all the CX350V looks to be a killer, consumer mid-range HD camera that produces solid HD video and is packed with a solid feature set.  At $900 initial retail price, it’s above some of the entry-level, budget video cameras; however, the feature set makes up for it overall.

You can find the Sony CX350V at Tech Tilt’s trusted online retail partner B&H Photo & Video.


  1. Wesley Clark says

    There have been few reviews of this particular poduct so thank you for this one. I went ahead and purchased this unit and am very content with it overall. If I had it to do over again, I’d opt for the 12Mp version though for $300 more due to stills quality. This one doesn’t seem to represent a true 7.1Mp still capture even when only shooting stills ie no video. They refer to the resolution as being 7.1Mp effective yet it appears to me to be a translated value and only in the numbers rather than performance, if you know what I mean. I think it’s really only about half that resolution. 3.5Mp or so. Anyway, thanks again… sweet hd camcorder.

  2. Peter Stokes says

    Is this a good video camera for low light in the outdoors as I am a lover of videoing animals. Early mornings/late evenings Just before dark etc.etc.

  3. Wesley Clark says

    I couldn’t stand it so decided that I did have it to do over again. I returned the CX350V to BB, no problem, and went ahead and ordered the CX550V. It has twice the amount of on-board flash memory at 64G and creates stills considerably nicer than the Handycam reviewed here. Plus, the 550 has additional low light options including a 0 lux Nightshot mode for shooting in essentially no light (not used yet). This ‘corder also has an eye-piece for filming in super sun situations eliminating the use of the LCD. Just pull back on the eye-piece and the ‘corder turns on. Push it back forward and the ‘corder turns back off. The CX550V is the complete deal so you only need the one piece of gear for both superb videos and stills. Excellent product. Well worth the extra cash necessary as mentioned in my previous review. In my opinion Sony is right on top here.

    • KD says

      Question Wesley,

      Did BB give you any problems, like a restocking fee for the return? I bought the 350 expecting to use it as a replacement for my aging Sony HDD camera and my handheld Canon (for snapshots).

  4. NarendraKhayangan says

    Mau tanya Sob,,? 1920×1080 full HD recording, Exmor R CMOS sensor, 32GB internal memory wide angle 29.8mm-357.6mm G-lens (with hood) 12x optical / 16x Digital Zoom Optical stenady /shot 2.7′ 23ok touk panel external Mikrophon ( sterio mini jack ) iincluded…. itu specification HD berapa/ seri berapa skalian mau tanya arga sekarang berapa Sob..? maksih sebelumnya.

  5. jim p says

    nice camcorder overall, but will occaisionally just de-focus with interior stage photography with no fixing on any particular focus target… just goes way blurry, and resolves after a while. with the lack of a eyepiece and only the swing-out screen, this problem can go unnoticed for long periods. this is a genuine disapointment with this device

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