JVC GZ-MG750BU Camcorder Review

The JVC GZ-MG750BU is a mid level compact HDD camcorder with up to 80 GB of capacity or 100 hours of record time and still capture capability.  At the highest quality setting there is 19 hours of in camera record time on hand.   A microSD expansion slot gives the ability to add storage or make file transfer quick and easy.  This JVC camcorder boast a 45x dynamic zoom, image stabilization and low light performance.

I think the main reasons for buying a camcorder rather than a pocket-style camcorder is storage and and optical zoom.  Though the two are not in the same category you should consider both styles.  If you can live with the bulkier size, more bang-for-the-buck can be squeezed from the typical camcorder like the GZ-MG750BU.


The laser touch controls are well placed and simple to use.  I had to quickly train myself to gently touch the touch-sensitive areas.  When pressing firmly as I would a normal button, unwanted responses in the form of multiple commands are performed.   Switching back and forth from the buttons to the laser touch controls can require some thought… or trial and error.

The zoom lever, snapshot button and record start/stop button are well placed and easy to control.  At first, controlling the zoom lever was a bit of an issue with the high ridge built in as a grip.  I found this to be more of a user error on my part because I am more accustomed to my older JVC GZ-MG130U HDD that does not have such a pronounced grip built in.  I am now beginning to like the extra grip area of the GZ-MG750BU.


I found the operation to be smooth once I became familiar with the design.  As I stated above the record/capture controls are well placed and easy to operate.  Opening the viewing screen activates power to the camera.  This is a nice feature that conserves space as well as makes operation easier.  A power control button is provided below the upload/export button if there is a need to turn the power off and on with the screen open.  The zoom operation is a little slower than I would like to see.  I felt that I was playing catchup on fast moving subjects a times.  Another minor grip is the light function is controlled from the menu rather than as single button.  Five strokes are required in order to turn the light on or off.   If a two hand operation is preferred the laser touch  controls serve as zoom and record operation while in record mode.

Switching between video and still image capture is quick and easy with the touch of a button as is switching between video capture and playback.

I have average size hands and as I stated before I was able to operate this camera with ease, however the GZ-MG750BU is quite a small camera, so folks with large hands could experience difficulty.  The compact size does make carrying this camera around easy.  It is so compact it will almost fit in the front pocket of most mens jeans.  The GZ-MG750BU could be carried on a day outing with little effort involved and with 80GB of internal memory the average camcorder user should never miss a moment of action.

A comparison shot of the GZ-MG750BU and my old GZ-MG130U shows the more compact size of the newer camera.  JVC has even managed to slim down the strap.

Menus on the GZ-MG750BU are easy to navigate and understand.  I commend JVC for the simplicity.

File transfer is easy and quick with the supplied USB 2.0 cable.  The only complaint I have with the transfer process is the small soft port cover on the camera.  It is a bit difficult to remove.

The supplied Pixela Everio MediaBrowser software is fairly simple to use, but having used other software, I am disappointed with editing capabilities.  If it is the only software to use, by all means use it.  Everio will do the job. Just be aware there is better.  Whatever software you use, make sure it will read the .mod files that your JVC camcorder will produce.  Everio is for Windows users only.  If you have a Mac and use iMovie, I believe the .mod file has to be converted to a “friendly” format.

The JVC GZ-MG750BU has a one touch upload to YouTube, a cool feature, but the supplied Pixela Everio MediaBrowser software has to be used for it to function.


All in all I really like the JVC GZ-MG750BU.  Operation is simple.  The video quality is quite good for a non-HD camera.  All the storage capacity any soccer mom would ever need is there.  Big camcorder features are present in a very compact size.    The few minor complaints I have of the camera are just that… minor.  I would definitely consider the JVC GZ-MG750BU HDD camcorder if for nothing else, the size.

The JVC GZ-MG750BU HDD camcorder can be purchased at B&H Photo-Video, Tech Tilt’s trusted online partner.


  • 1/6-inch 800k pixel CCD
  • 80GB Internal Hard Disk Drive for up to 100 hr. of recording
  • 19 hr. of the best quality recording (ULTRA FINE)
  • 45x Dynamic Zoom / 800x Digital Zoom
  • Memory Card Slot for microSDHC/microSD
  • HD Gigabrid Premium II Engine
  • One Touch Upload to YouTube™ (HD Compatible)
  • One Touch Export
  • 16:9 Wide Mode (Full Resolution)
  • Auto Illumi. Light
  • Super LoLux
  • Advanced Image Stabilizer
  • Time-Lapse REC
  • Auto REC
  • Icon Playlist / Event Pre-registration
  • Play List Editing
  • In-Camera File Editing
  • Laser Touch Operation with Sub-trigger and Zoom Function
  • 2.7″ 16:9 Widescreen Clear LCD Monitor
  • Auto LCD Backlight Control
  • USB2.0 High-Speed Transfer
  • MPEG-2 Video Recording
  • Data Battery
  • Picture Titles
  • Quick Restart
  • Quick Review
  • Intelligent Grouping
  • Digest Playback
  • Power-Lincked Operation
  • Sliding Lens Cover
  • 2-Way Grip Belt
  • Direct DVD burning with SHARE STATION (optional)
  • Pixela Everio MediaBrowser for Windows® provided


  • Format: [SD-VIDEO] Entertainment Video Profile: Video: MPEG-2 PS / Audio: Dolby Digital (2ch), Still: JPEG
  • Storage Media: 1.8″ Hard Disk Drive (80GB), microSD Memory Card*
  • Zoom Ratio Optical: 39x
  • Dynamic Zoom: 45x
  • Zoom Ratio Digital(max.): 800x
  • Focal Length (mm): 2.2 – 85.8 (35mm film equivalent: 38.0 – 1482.0)
  • F Stop: F 1.8 – F4.3
  • A.I.S Advanced Image Stabilization
  • Full Range AF / Manual Focus
  • Full Auto/Manual White Balance
  • Recorder: MPEG-2 Video Recording
  • JPEG Still Shooting
  • Still Recording During Video Recording (Dual Rec)
  • Video Recording Modes: ULTRA FINE / FINE / NORM / ECO
  • Video Recording Time (max.): 19hr (ULTRA FINE) / 100hr (ECO)
  • Still Image Sizes: [4:3] 832×624 / 640×480 [16:9] 640×360
  • No. of Still Images (max.): 9999
  • Gigabrid Engine: Yes (HD Gigabrid Premium)
  • Interfaces: microSD Memory Card Slot (microSDHC Compatible)*
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed Data Transfer to PC
  • AV Output
  • Functions: Super LoLux
  • One Touch Upload to YouTube™
  • One Touch Export
  • Time-Lapse REC
  • Auto REC
  • Programme AE Modes: Night / Twilight / Portrait / Sports / Snow / Spotlight
  • 16:9 Wide Mode (Full Resolution)
  • Auto Illumi. Light
  • Data Battery
  • Icon Playlist / Event Pre-registration
  • Play List Editing
  • In-Camera File Editing
  • Picture Titles
  • Quick Restart
  • Quick Recording
  • Quick Review
  • Intelligent Grouping
  • Digest Playback
  • Power-Lincked Operation
  • Multi-Language On-Screen: 8 Languages (Eng. / Fre. / Spa. / Por. / Jap. / Kor. / Chi. [Traditional] / Hindi)
  • Self-Timer (2sec / 10sec)
  • Direct DVD Creation with SHARE STATION (optional)
  • Power Consumption: Approx. 1.8W
  • Approx. Weight: 250g (without battery)
  • 280g (including battery)
  • Dimensions: (W x H x L): 53 x 63 x 110mm

Included Accessories

  • AC Adapter
  • Battery Pack (BN-VG107)
  • AV Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Software: Digital Photo Navigator (Win)®, Pixela Everio MediaBrowser (Win)


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