Giz Going to Jail Over iPhone Leak?


Looks like that little iPhone leak just got a bit nasty for Gizmodo since Jason Chen’s house got raided by the police.

There are plenty of editorial posts making their way around the web.  Most of the opinions are calling the cops dirty names. However, the best legal analysis I’ve seen so far comes from Kim Zetter over at Wired, although she is quoting an EFF attorney, who was clearly making a case for Chen.

Here’s a roundup of the other editorials:

TechCrunch (1)

TechCrunch (2)


Slashdot (with the typical comment thread)

Boing Boing

My thoughts?

It’s always fun until someone’s house gets raided by the police.

Giz was clearly playing with fire here.  If you recall my prior analysis, I think the facts we continued to learn since then have only strengthened the criminal case against the Finder, Giz and maybe Chen too.

If the warrant gets thrown out, which it certainly could in light of the federal Privacy Protection Act pointed out by Zetter (I think the CA Shield law is more of a gray area with regard to the subpoena in question), the confidential finder is in a much better position.  I imagine that Gawker’s attorneys are working on the motion to quash the subpoena right now.  However, considering the potential criminal nature of the acts, there is still the possibility that the facts made public at this juncture are enough to keep Giz and Co. on the criminal liability hook.

Stay tuned, ’cause this is just starting to wind up.

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