DXG DVX-5D7 3D Pocket Camcorder, Available In August

DXG unveiled a version of this little 3D pocket camcorder a while back and has now announced availability of the DVX-5D7 in August 2010.

The DVX-5D7 is said to support VGA resolution for 3D video and half HD for 2D video.  The 3.2 inch display supports the parallax barrier method, eliminating the need for special glasses.  Since the DVX-5D7 lenses are placed at a much narrower distance than the standard 6.5cm, 3D representation is said to be realized by image processing.  The DVX-5D7 looks to have an HDMI port and support SDHC memory cards.  With a purported 5MP sensor on board, I have to wonder about the image quality, since it is doing the work of two.  The price seems to be undisclosed for now, but according to DXG a low price will be difficult because of high development costs.  Also unclear is where to purchase.

Props to DXG for rolling to market a 3D capable pocket camcorder, though.

[via CruchGear]

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