Zacuto Quick Draw DSLR Rig Review

The Zacuto Quick Draw is basically a trimmed-down version of the Zacuto Striker (without the shoulder stock), and actually I don’t even know that you can pick up the Quick Draw as a standalone product anymore.  Nevertheless, Zacuto prices have dropped, and the Striker kit is even in a relatively reasonable price range now.

As far as simple, low-key DSLR support goes, I’m a big fan of the Quick Draw.  I didn’t really think that would be the case going into my use of this rig since it didn’t include a shoulder support.  However, after getting used to the kit with my 5D Mark II, I was very pleased with the flexibility of the Quick Draw.

I used it both with a Zacuto Z-Finder attached as  well as without one.  Of course, it’s nearly impossible to pull focus and maintain stability on your own since both hands are occupied, but I still found many situations to make it work guerrilla style.

The build quality of Zacuto products are impeccable.  On the fly adjustments are a breeze thanks to levers at each joint of the rig.  The grip is molded to fit nicely in the hand and can be adjusted for the appropriate angle depending on the particular user’s preferences.

While the balance of the Quick Draw has drawn criticism due to putting the weight of the camera far to the left of the grip in the standard configuration, I did not find this to be too troubling.  There is still some compromise when it comes to controlling the focus ring, which led me to adjust my shots in order to limit focus pulls.

What limited use I’ve had with the Striker, there are many situations where I would have benefited from the use of the shoulder stock – making focus pulls by the camera operator easier, and generally increasing the stability of the rig.  Of course, the benefit of the Striker is also that you can pull the shoulder stock off and shoot with a Quick Draw version of it if the situation requires it.  In short, I’m a fan of the Quick Draw, but would recommend stepping up to the Zacuto Striker to get the benefit of the shoulder stock.

Update: As requested by Don in the comments, I’ve included some photos of the Zacuto Striker (w/ Z-Finder attached) in use below.

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