Sony NEX-VG10 First Impressions Review & Sample Footage

So, I’ve been playing with the Sony NEX-VG10 for a couple of days.  First thoughts?  It’s pretty sweet for what it is.

The ergonomics work the way that I want my Canon 5D Mark II to work.  Big plus there.  The LCD and EVF are great.

The 18-200mm kit lens is a nice one for this camcorder; however, I’m not quite used to the focus ring, so I’ll reserve final judgment there (although, it has a nice, smooth pull to it).

The zoom barrel is a little stiff to use while shooting.  This will be a turnoff for pure consumers in spite of their deep wallets.  Prosumers won’t mind to frame the shot and then hit record.

Autofocus does fine for family outings; however, I prefer manual focusing for anything worth taking serious.  I suspect most VG10 owners will as well.

It’s a bit bulky for the standard consumer; however, not too bulky to be a family camcorder for prosumers.  I’d take it to Disneyworld in a heartbeat.

It’s lovely with the 50mm f/1.8 prime, which can be attached courtesy of the LA-EA1 adapter.  I’ve kept going back to this lens.

High gain (ISO) is pretty noisy (as expected).

The mic picks up zoom barrel rotation noise and focus ring adjustment noise.  Serious work should be on a dual system anyway.

Footage pulls into Final Cut Express as 29.97 fps.  Check out a short, bokehlicious clip below.

Stay tuned for the full review coming soon. I’ll hopefully have another video or two to share, along with some deeper thoughts about this new genre of camcorder.

The Sony NEX-VG10 is available from Tech Tilt’s trusted retail partner, B&H Photo, at the following link:

Sony NEX-VG10 at B&H Photo

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  1. Rich says

    I know it’s not hip..but I still would like this cam to have a motorized zoom. For certain events and other reasons, ability to zoom online is very helpful…even required.

  2. Nick says

    How did you import your footage into Final Cut Express? I tried using the Log and Capture window but after trying to import clips it displays a red exclamation point.

    • says

      Hey Nick – Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of FCE. I connected the camera directly to my MacBook via USB and used the import dialog as usual. FCE recognized the camera and pulled up the clips. Imported as Apple Intermediate Codec. No hiccups at all.

  3. Benjamin Timmermann says


    I wonder how bad is the noise capture of the zoom barrel. I´m quite worried about this.

    Also, is there any wide angle already working with these camera? i will use it for snowboarding and skate shots and you really need that.


  4. Victoria says

    Would you be able to tell me, what lens would I need to tape a soccer game? It has to be wide and I don’t know this camera but I thinking to buy it.
    Thanks for your help.


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