RED Scarlet Gets $1000 Price Hike, HDRx Capability

A couple of days ago, RED Leader Jim Jannard, announced a $1000 price bump for the upcoming Scarlet.  The reasonably-priced RED camera will get HDRx capability and, as Jannard puts it, “The extra money will go to more boards and another ASIC plus development. The improvement is more than worth the effort. The image possibilities and capability are incredible.”

When asked about the requirements for SSDs on the Scarlet, Jannard responded, “Because the image size is smaller, Scarlet 2/3″ will work HDRx™ at some REDCODEs with CF. SSD will certainly offer more options, but CF will work.” –Jim Jannard

There seems to be a couple of camps among pro and prosumer users in the forum thread.  Most posts seem to welcome the additions of these features in a sub-$6000 camera; however, some critics bemoan that the addition of the $1000 hike puts the Scarlet out their reach.  To which, Jannard responded:

We thought we might get into the “volume” business… but we realized we cater to professionals. –Jim Jannard

So, yes, the 3K camera for $3K is dead.  RED is what we’ve always known they were . . . niche, pro camera company.  I guess it just took them a while to figure that out for themselves.

$6K is still cheap for the current spec list on the Scarlet; however, as we’ve come to know with RED . . . this is still subject to change.


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