Netflix for iPhone Updated to Ver. 1.1.1, Supports Video Out

Netflix has updated its iPhone app to support video out for iPhone 4.  More importantly for me though is the other little asterisk in the release notes: bug fixes.

I can finally play a complete video without the app crashing on my iPhone 3G.  I’ve been cooking along on Top Gear Season 11 now for over an hour with no hiccups. 

The first several rounds of updates and reinstalls when the app was first released was very discouraging to me.  After the initial elation about the app’s release, I was crushed when the bit-demons conspired against me to prevent a complete stream from playing on my 3G.  It was all a bit like Tennessee’s recent win over LSU as the clock expired, only to have it all taken away by the number 13 and a yellow flag.

No penalties from the Netflix version 1.1.1 though – just lots of Top Gear . . . whenever I want it.


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