Panasonic AG-AF100 Test Footage by has posted some sample footage from their time with the new Panasonic AG-AF100, which features a Micro Four Thirds sensor and interchangeable lenses.

Details about the footage and’s experience below.

We only had the camera for a few hours so we decided to keep it simple.

The camera is capable of 35mm lenses, so we used a PL adapter and Zeiss Ultra Primes , choosing from our set as we saw fit on the day. We chose to record on the on-board SD cards with the AVCHD codec at 24 mbs but we also opted to use the HDSDI output, recording at 100 mbs on the AVC Intra HD codec to P2 cards. We opted to do this rather than recording to Nanoflash simply to keep it all Panasonic native.

We chose this work-flow as we simply wanted to see this camera in the very best light possible.



  1. Grant says

    What is the advantage of this camera to a Canon 5D full frame instead of a 4/3 sensor which is being use by many TV studios?
    Price wise it would be more expensive too?

  2. Jason says

    Advantage over 5D mark II off the top of my head….

    HD-SDI out
    XLR in
    under/over cranking
    internal ND filters
    Micro 4/3 mount is not proprietary… olympus lenses also fit on (for the still cams anywas)

    Stuff filmmakers look for in a camera. Looking forward to trying it out and seeing it on an HD monitor (vimeo is great but I want to see the camera full potential).

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