GoPro HD HERO Video Camera Review Roundup


The GoPro HD HERO is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to point-of-view video and the great thing about the GoPro video cameras is that they are affordable and easy to use.

GoPro has been around for a few years now and has set the bar high for perspective videography.  So high in fact big time production companies are using these little cameras to get unique shots and yes they can handle the abuse avid sports junkies put them through.  Just watch what Cameron Glendenning, Director of Photography, Deadliest Catch, has to say about shooting with the GoPro HD HERO.

GoPro is obviously the leader in self produced outdoor and extreme sports arena, but for good reason.  The video quality is great and the equipment is tough-as-nails.  Only limited by the imagination, GoPro video cameras work just about anywhere.  From the water to the sky and everywhere in between.

Operation is generally simple involving installing a SD video card, start recording and be a hero. Once the footage has been acquired editing can easily be done with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. The 170 degree wide angle lens gives awesome perspective and even includes the shooter in the shot, giving those cool, look-at-me videos we’ve all come to love from GoPro.

GoPro’s clear, impact resistant, waterproof case makes all the extreme video possible, protecting the small, light weight, quality camera inside.  GoPro offers a good assortment of kits and accessories to capture whatever extreme video desired from scuba diving to sky diving and everything in between.

GoPro has a wide range of accessories and replacement parts, some of which are listed at the bottom of this post.  There’s even a 3D kit available.


Steves Digicams

The GoPro HD HERO is where it’s at…

Active Gear Review

I can’t seem to find any cons with the GoPro HD HERO 960… I highly suggested giving this camera a try!

Helmet Cam Review

…this camera can hold up to the pressure and the beating…

Mountain Weekly News

…get one turn it on and make a movie, you’ll thank me later.



GoPro Kits

GoPro Accessories

  • SD Video Card (Class 4 or higher) from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Tripod Mount from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro HD Wrist Housing from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Head Strap Mount from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Chest Mount Harness from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Suction Cup Mount from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Surf HERO Expansion Kit from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Roll Bar Mount from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Ride HERO from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Grab Bag of Extra HERO Parts from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Deluxe Accessory Kit from Amazon
  • GoPro Camera HD HERO Li-ion Battery from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro LCD BacPac from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Quick Release HD Housing from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro Lens Replacement Kit from B&H / from Amazon
  • GoPro 3D HERO System Waterproof Housing & 3D Synchronization System from B&H / from Amazon

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