Apple iPad Mini, Debuting In October, Production Said To Be In Full Swing

With the anticipated arrival of the iPad Mini the rumor mills are churning and we’ve put the latest greatest together after the break.

First, the screen size is said to be a definate 7.85 inches and this should fair well against the smaller Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7.  However, reports give a non-Retina resolution to the smaller sibling, but only makes sense since this is said to be a “budget” tablet.

Second, spied shots of the Mini show a proposed SIM card slot and innards that lead us to believe cellular connectivity can be enabled on the newest member of the iPad family and should give a needed advantage over the competition.

Third, expect the chassis to resemble that of the latest iPhone’s, rather than the thick curved enclosure of the current iPad.  The Mini will be quite thin, possible very close to the thinness of the new iPhone 5.

Finally, production is reported to be churning out the iPad Mini by the multitudes for a debut later this month and carry a price tag of as little as $199.

[via MacRumors] [via TechRadar]


  1. G G says

    Hope they include useful features like USB, an SD card slot, and a way to download pictures from a Pc without going through the stupid iTunes cloud.

    • mike says

      Well, there won’t be a USB port or an SD card slot- that’s a given. The only thing you get will be a USB cable you can plug into your computer to move photos, and there is supposed to be a new Ligthening Camera Kit coming.

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