Windows 8 Packaging And Pricing

As the release date of the highly anticipated Windows 8 quickly approaches, Microsoft is letting a few more details out of the bag.

New, more environmentally friendly, colorful packaging in five flavors for the all new Windows OS.  Along with packaging, pricing has been announced.  There are four packages listed: Windows 8 Professional Upgrade — $69.99, Windows 8 Pro Pack — $69.99 (product key card only), Windows 8 OEM — $99.99 and Windows 8 Professional — $139.99.  OEM and Pro will be available in both 32- and 64-bit versions (same price).  However, there will be yet another chance to upgrade for an even lower $39.99 price after the October 26th launch date from (til January 31, 2013).  You can officially reserve your copy of Pro now for $69.99.

Pre-order Window 8 upgrade – $69.99

[via Engadget] [via Windows Team Blog]


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