JBL SoundFly Wall Speaker

JBL SoundFly

Harmon has launched a cool concept in portable speakers with the JBL SondFly BT and JBL SoundFly Air.  What makes this speaker different, you ask?  The speaker, itself, plugs directly into a wall outlet, much like a “plug-in air freshener.”

We don’t typically cover portable speakers, but I thought this was a novel idea.  The SoundFly is a WiFi or Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker that works with a compatible  paired device.  You get a 20-watt built in amp and JBL boasts a 60Hz to 20kHz frequency response.  Initial reports says the sound quality is pretty decent.

JBL has 2 choices to choose from.  The SoundFly Air will connect with your AirPlay devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The SoundFly BT uses Bluetooth technology for pairing, so this one will connect about everything else.  There are no external ports for hard wiring or docking your devices.

The JBL SoundFly seems like a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other outlets that are unobstructed by furniture if you want to wirelessly stream your music to your speakers and keep the clutter down, but the relatively high price, $199 for the SoundFly Air and $179 for SoundFly BT may detour some buyers.

Head to JBL to order the SoundFly Air and pre-order the SoundFly BT.

Also, check Amazon for availability.

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