How To Get Siri To Work With Google Maps

As we all know by now Apple’s mapping service is not the cream of the crop and Google has recently added Google Maps to the App Store for iPhone 5, but Siri defaults to Apple Maps when asking for directions.  How do we use Siri for Google Maps?  Jump on past the break for the answer. (…or just watch the video above)

Asking Siri for directions in Google Maps is very simple and does not require a jailbreak.  Normally you would activate Siri and ask directions to a destination and the result would be displayed in Apple Maps, but to get that result to display in Google maps simply add the phrase “via transit” at the end of your destination, which will open Apple Maps and then switch to a list of transit apps you may have on board.  Simply press the “ROUTE” button on the Google Maps app and presto… Google Maps is taking you where you want to go.

[via Gizmodo]

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