Cord Cruncher Headphones Makes Tangled Cords a Thing of the Past

Cord Cruncher Headphones

This evening a CES Unveiled I had the pleasure of being introduced to CordCruncher headphones.  Basically, if you hate tangled headphone cords CordCruncher is for you.

Cord Cruncher Headphones 2

When you want lots of cord simply pinch the jack end of CordCruncher and pull the ear buds out to the desired length and when you need to store them pinch both ends of the latex sleeve and stretch to zip the cord inside.  Plug the 3.5mm pin into the opposite end of the sleeve and you can wear it as a necklace, bracelet or simply wad it up and stick it in your pocket or bag.

Keep in mind the CordCruncher is inexpensive at $25, so don’t expect audiophile tones from these buds, bud they’re not bad.  Having only listened to them for  few minutes I can say that the bass is a bit heavy, however, I did not notice any distortion.  They are a step up from ear buds such as the original model from Apple, so you get a decent ear bud in a tangle free package.

CordCruncher Specs

CordCruncher headphones come in red, black, blue and now, green.  They’ll set you back about $25.

To come to a conclusion, if you need your buds to be neat and tidy or know someone who does, I urge you to give CordCruncher a go.  Get to to get your pair.

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