Sphero Toy Gyrosropic Ball Hands-On…Again


Back at CES 2011 Sphero became one of my favorite new gadgets of the show, but was still in the developmental stage.  I bumped into them again this year at CES 2013, but now the robotic ball has a full head of steam with 20+ iOS and Android games including a recently released augmented reality game.

Sphero is the brain-child of Orbotix, a Boulder, Colorado based start-up, blending real and virtual worlds and making it all fun using smartphone and tablet platforms as a controller.  Sphero is connected using Bluetooth technology and has a 50 foot range.  The robotic ball is tons of fun, simple, but challenging and has a battery that will last for better than an hour of constant play.  You won’t want to quit!

Using augmented reality, a game, “Sharky the Beaver,” is the first developed for Sphero putting the virtual beaver in your world using Sphero as the AR marker.  Go to iTunes App Store to download.

Other games are are also available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Sphero can be purchased now on Amazon, the Sphero store and a number of other retailers for $129.99.  Check the video below to see Sphero in action.

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