Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Updates and Syncronized Flight (Almost) at CES 2013

AR.Drone 2.0

I stopped by the Parrot AR.Drone booth yesterday to see four AR.Drone copters performing a synchronized flight sequence and all was going really well until disaster struck…

Parrot has a cage set with flight demos using a color coded grid on the floor to position the AR.Drone’s flight.  This was quite impressive until 2 collided in the air sending one quickly to the ground near the end of the show.  To be fair though, I did witness a successful show.  Watch the video below to see the botched flight.


The AR.Drone 2.0 is not new but Parrot is adding some new features such as a new 1500 mAh battery wit 50% more power, affording around 18 minutes of flight time; up from the current 12 minutes.

A GPS “black-box” is also new, which allows the pre-programmed flight.  The module has 4GB of memory on board, which is used for storing the flight data and over 2 hours of HD video.  The information can download to your PC or Mac via WiFi to make a map of the flight.

Parrot also has an update to the AR.FreeFlight app “Director Mode” used to edit video from the copter,  which adds new programmed commands and video edits, such as lens correction, stabilization and more.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – $299.99


  1. Alla Brown says

    own “Storm Drone” 2mths lost fingertips when sync transmitter to Drone (Just took off)can carry DLSR with tilt & trim. Back at supplier for surgery. Real Estates big on aerial promotion here. bought for competitive edge.

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