Sony HD Handycam Camcorder Lineup for 2013

Sony HDR-PJ790VB Handycam

Sony has a new line-up of HD Handycam Camcorders at CES 2013 ranging from the flagship, $1,599 HDR-PJ790V to the $249 HDR-CX220.  All the Handycam line now offers the ability to switch between AVCHD or web-friendly MP4 formats.  Click on past the break to read more and watch a brief interview with Amy Koppmann of Sony.


The flagship of the Handycam line, the HDR-PJ790V includes a new 5.1 channel microphone, a brighter 30lm projector with input capabilities from another device, along with a new advanced sound system and a multi-interface shoe, now compatible with XLR boxes.


This camera is what Sony calls the enthusiast model, but still offer plenty of great features, like a 20.4-mp Exmor R sensor, 12x zoom, 3-inch LCD display, HQ 5.1 microphone, stereo speaker, GPS / Geotagging features, 32 GB of flash storage, and the ability to shoot in 24p.  All these features are retained from the previous model.

New to the HDR-PJ650V are an electric viewfinder, multi-interface shoe along with the new projector input feature, a brighter 20lm projector, the advanced sound system and and added manual control dial


Sony’s mid-level models off a good 8.9-mp Exmor R sensor, 30x zoom, a 3-inch LCD display, the ability to shoot 60p video, GPSmapping, an HQ 5.1 channel microphone, 24p shooting, and a mic jack.

New to this line is Balanced Optical SteadyShot, upgraded from SteadyShot, multi-interface shoe and a projector input for the PJ430V model. This year onboard storage was cut in half to 16GB.

HDR-CX220, HDR-CX230, HDR-PJ230, HDR-CX290

Sony’s entry level models offer a lightweight package with a nice 8.9-mp Exmor R sensor HDMI out and 60p recording, optical SteadyShot, and a 2.7-inch touchscreen display.  The PJ230 offers a 13lm projector on board with the ability to once again connect an external device such as a computer or mobile device.


This is Sony’s 3D, double HD camcorder and really is virtually identical to the previous TD20V model with the exception of being stripped of the on-board memory and manual control dial.  Sony did this in the name of reaching the sub-$1000 price point.


Sony’s new WiFi module works in conjunction with the multi-interface shoe allowing wireless file transfer to computers and mobile devices and mobile control-ability of the camera.

Sony’s new Handycam line will be available for purchase in February 2013.




  1. JerseyJohn says

    Unbelievable how poor the audio is. This is a CAMCORDER promo for gods sake!
    Tell these jokers that 2/3 of video is the audio…

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