Apple Launches 12″ MacBook with a Single USB Port for $1299


Apple has always been one to push its latest generation of hardware into the next generation by excluding features rather than including them. The current generation of Mac models dumped optical drives a couple years ago, much to the disappointment of many users.

As it turned out though, Apple was right. Most of us don’t need an optical drive in our daily computing needs. We have iPhone and iPads for music and movies, and data is more efficiently transmitted over a network as opposed to burning a CD or DVD.

With the latest MacBook, however, Apple is taking its mantra one step further by removing most of the ports and leaving only a single USB-C port.

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Quirky PowerCurl MacBook Power Cord Wrap Review

Quirky PowerCurl-3

One of the most frustrating things about my MacBook Pro is the power adapter. I am often an all-day user of my MacBook Pro, and so I generally work while plugged in. Of course, that means I’m always carrying my AC adapter when I’ve got my MacBook Pro with me.

I have stowed the AC adapter and cords in several ways over the years. From neatly rolling up the cord to doing the cord-around-the-power-brick method and various combinations of the two. I’ve never found a way that I love and I have seen cables fray and tear away from the power brick, which results in purchasing an expensive replacement.

When I saw the Quirky PowerCurl, I figured I would give it a shot for only $9.99. The concept looks great and mostly works well. [Read more…]