Sony Releases SmartBand 2: Adds Heart Rate Monitoring

Sony SmartBand2 GroupThe SmartBand 2, fitness tracker from Sony has been revealed with an added and needed heart rate monitor. The original SmartBand lacks the ability to monitor a wearers heart rate, though does track step count, running, walking and sleep data along with notification alerts and a smart wake-up alert based on sleep pattern. [Read more…]

Jump Rope The “Smart” Way

Tangram Smart Rope Demo

As a fitness enthusiast the jump rope is one of this staple pieces of equipment that I punish myself with almost everytime I work out.  I was intriuged when I ran across the “Smart Rope” by Tangram, a company out of Seoul, Korea with a U.S. office in New Jersey, designing software and hardware for clients along with building a product line of their own.

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Again Faster Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals [Fit Tech Deals]

Again Faster Black Friday Deals

Again Faster has posted a preview of its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which include free shipping on lots of gear – like all of the jump ropes and some gear packages. A 230lb bumper plate package is only $369 (regularly $425) with free shipping.

The deals kick off Nov. 23 at 12AM EST and end Nov. 26 at 11:59PM EST.

Lots of other deals can be found here on Again Faster’s website.

Blender Bottle Review

Blender Bottle

Over the years, I have tried lots of different ways to mix up whey protein shakes.  Using a regular old bottle leaves lots of powder lumps in the mix.  And while using an electric blender gets everything nice and smooth, it really sucks cleaning those up on a daily basis.

The Blender Bottle is a great little invention that makes a regular bottle much closer to a full-on electric blender.  The key is the little spring ball that you see in the above image.  Just pour your powder and liquid into the bottle, drop the springy ball into the bottle with it and then shake vigorously.  The result is a very smooth mix. [Read more…]