Astropad Turns iPad Into Sketch Pad For Mac

Astropad App for iPad – Astro-HQ

Astropad is the latest graphics sketching app for the ipad and it looks to be quite powerful.

Astropad transforms your iPad into a drawing tablet wired or wirelessly connected to your Mac with almost zero sync lag allowing for real time transfer. Also, integrated is customized Photoshop controls, including a floating pallette with Adobe-specific tools and iPad images are color corrected to match what’s shown on Mac. The app supports most styluses like the ones from Wacom.

With a $50 price tag, Astropad is pricier that most apps, but a bargain compared to dedicated sketch tablets. Click this link to head over to Astropad and watch the promo video below.

iPad Pro Rumored to Start Production First Half of 2015

iPad Pro Mockup
iPad Pro Mockup

New rumors suggest that Apple will finally get around to making the oft-mentioned “iPad Pro” next year. The rumors suggest that the production of the iPad Pro has been pushed back to Q2 2015, which means it will miss the previously-rumored early-2015 launch. The delay is supposedly related to component yield and assembly.

[via MacRumors]

Kindle Fire HD & HDX Early Cyber Monday Deal

Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon is rocking an early Cyber Monday deal in the flavor of a $50 discount on the Kindle Fire HD and HDX.  Also, get the Kindle HD 8.9″ for $40 off.  The sale is on right now, so if your in the market head on over to Amazon now.

Kindle Fire HD – $119 (with special offers); $134 (without special offers)

Kindle Fire HDX – $179 (with special offers); $194 (without special offers)

Kindle Fire 8.9″ – $229 (with special offers); $244 (without special offers)

iPad Air: First Impressions

iPad AirNow that Apple has fully embraced change in the iPad line we need to know whether this iPad can merit the number one position in the tablet market.  It’s been some two and a half years since Apple redesigned iPad.  The original iPad, a mere foggy memory for most of us, as we have come all-to-familiar with the tapered design which has remained basically unchanged through 3 generations.  Only internal and screen upgrades whet our geeky appetites.  But alas, the fifth generation — the iPad Air — brings a far slinkier, sexier, lighter design along with revamp internals. [Read more…]