Amazon Fire TV Stick Gets Hotel-Friendly Wi-Fi Sign-In


Amazon is bringing a free software update to the Fire TV Stick and the standard Fire TV that adds the ability to connect to pesky captive portal hotel Wi-Fi networks, which force you to a dedicated web page for authentication before being able to use the network.

As a result, the compact size and newfound flexibility of the Fire TV Stick will make traveling with it will be a no-brainer with easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, Watch ESPN and a myriad of other apps.

The standard Fire TV box will get the same capability, as well as support for USB storage and wireless Bluetooth headphone support.

The $39 Fire TV Stick and $99 Fire TV are both available direct from

Apple Rumored to Launch Streaming TV Service This Fall

Apple TV

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on the release of a subscription-based streaming TV service to be released this fall. The service would be a direct competitor to cable companies and features ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, Fx and other networks for around $30-$40 per month.

This news comes hot on the heels of Apple’s recent announcement of an exclusive grab to HBO’s new standalone streaming service, HBO Now. Notably absent from the rumored channel lineup are NBC networks, which is owned by Comcast. With Comcast holding the keys to the Internet, this could get messy – especially when take into account the ridiculous Comcast bandwidth allotment. New media has a major bottleneck that needs to be freed.

We could hear something official from Apple as early as June at the Worldwide Developers Conference with a launch of the service slated for September.