Sony Releases SmartBand 2: Adds Heart Rate Monitoring

Sony SmartBand2 GroupThe SmartBand 2, fitness tracker from Sony has been revealed with an added and needed heart rate monitor. The original SmartBand lacks the ability to monitor a wearers heart rate, though does track step count, running, walking and sleep data along with notification alerts and a smart wake-up alert based on sleep pattern. [Read more…]

Showtime Launches Standalone, Subscriptionless Service

Showtime App

Following in the footsteps of HBO, Showtime is now going to be available as a standalone service now, providing access to programming without paying a cable or satellite bill.

CBS owned Showtime, although not as popular as HBO, launches ahead of new season premiers and includes unlimited on-demand streaming of shows as well as live broadcasts of both the channel’s east and west feeds.

The Showtime standalone service cost $10.99 per month with no subscription after a 30-day free trial, while HBO’s standalone cost $14.99 per month. Right now the Showtime service is available on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Roku set-top boxes. Look for it on PlayStation Vue and Hulu services this week.

[via Showtime]

2015 Isle of Man TT Sees Electric Bikes Closely Approaching Speeds of Their Gas Powered Bretheren

McGuiness-Anstey TT Zero Podium

If you’ve followed the Isle of Man TT race event as I have for several years, you know that it is possibly the most prestigious motorcycle event in the world. As the races are winding down 2015 has not been disappointing with multiple records falling throughout the week.

Yesterday, The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) race saw a new lap record of 119 mph set in the TT Zero class on an electric race bike by John McGuinness. He also won the physically challenging 37 mile closed public road race. [Read more…]