Sony Experia T2 Ultra: First “Phablet” of the New Year

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra




Today, Sony Mobile announce a new gigantic phone that we can call a “phablet,” I suppose, dubbed the Experia T2 Ultra, which is a mid to high end phone boasting a 6-inch screen and a smart social camera.  Jump on in for the whole story and press release if your hooked. [Read more…]

WWE Lays the Smackdown With 24/7 Network Launching in February

WWE Network

WWE fans, never worry about missing another big match or paying outrageous PPV rates again.  WWE has gone and done what we’ve all been waiting for.  They’ve gone around the the cable and satellite providers and networks and created their own online, streaming channel almost anyone can afford. [Read more…]

Mobile Multi-Track Recording Solution From Griffin Announced

Griffin StudioConnectHD

Today Griffin has announce a new mobile multi-track audio recording solution dubbed the StudioConnect HD.  If your a musician on the go or even have limited space or just getting started as a musician and want to get a professional rendering, StudioConnect HD may be a viable option. [Read more…]