Astropad Turns iPad Into Sketch Pad For Mac


Astropad App for iPad – Astro-HQ

Astropad is the latest graphics sketching app for the ipad and it looks to be quite powerful.

Astropad transforms your iPad into a drawing tablet wired or wirelessly connected to your Mac with almost zero sync lag allowing for real time transfer. Also, integrated is customized Photoshop controls, including a floating pallette with Adobe-specific tools and iPad images are color corrected to match what’s shown on Mac. The app supports most styluses like the ones from Wacom.

With a $50 price tag, Astropad is pricier that most apps, but a bargain compared to dedicated sketch tablets. Click this link to head over to Astropad and watch the promo video below.

Pyle Pro Laptop Computer Stand for DJ’s Review

Pyle Pro Laptop Stand

A couple of months ago I decided I needed a laptop stand for my laptop, however, I was disappointed with all the expensive options out there and while there are some great stands available (like the Twelve South HiRise stand) , those options were too expensive for what I needed. I started looking at the stands available for for DJ’s. I found just what I needed at B&H. [Read more…]

Quirky PowerCurl MacBook Power Cord Wrap Review

Quirky PowerCurl-3

One of the most frustrating things about my MacBook Pro is the power adapter. I am often an all-day user of my MacBook Pro, and so I generally work while plugged in. Of course, that means I’m always carrying my AC adapter when I’ve got my MacBook Pro with me.

I have stowed the AC adapter and cords in several ways over the years. From neatly rolling up the cord to doing the cord-around-the-power-brick method and various combinations of the two. I’ve never found a way that I love and I have seen cables fray and tear away from the power brick, which results in purchasing an expensive replacement.

When I saw the Quirky PowerCurl, I figured I would give it a shot for only $9.99. The concept looks great and mostly works well. [Read more…]