HBO Streaming Service Coming To Apple Devices – No Cable Or Satellite Service Needed

With more and more content providers looking to the internet to get content to the masses and with the masses getting fed up with bloated, high-priced cable and satellite bills, a la carte streaming services from major networks are coming down the pike fast.

HBO’s standalone streaming service, HBO Now, will launch on Apple devices in April and not coincidentally, just in time for the season premiere of “Game of Thrones,” the network announced on Monday at Apple’s Spring Forward event. New HBO series like “Game of Thrones,” “True Detective,” and “Veep” will stream live along side cable and satellite provider feeds so there will be no extra time spent waiting for these shows to be added to the library.

The new HBO Now service will cost $14.99 a month and will give subscribers access to all of the network’s past, present and future series plus HBO’s lineup of Hollywood movies. Apple has exclusivity for 90 days from launch, so non-Apple users will have to wait until mid-summer, assuming other providers will launch the service.

How To Fully Uninstall A Program On Mac OS X Easily

Uninstall App OSX

Mac OS X has a very different procedure for uninstalling programs than in a Microsoft Windows environment. Unlike Windows, OS X does not contain a registry, so the familiar Add/Remove Programs in the control panel in Windows does not exist in OS X. However, removing a program on a Mac is quite simple. Follow the steps in this guide to fully uninstall OS X applications. [Read more…]

Astropad Turns iPad Into Sketch Pad For Mac


Astropad App for iPad – Astro-HQ

Astropad is the latest graphics sketching app for the ipad and it looks to be quite powerful.

Astropad transforms your iPad into a drawing tablet wired or wirelessly connected to your Mac with almost zero sync lag allowing for real time transfer. Also, integrated is customized Photoshop controls, including a floating pallette with Adobe-specific tools and iPad images are color corrected to match what’s shown on Mac. The app supports most styluses like the ones from Wacom.

With a $50 price tag, Astropad is pricier that most apps, but a bargain compared to dedicated sketch tablets. Click this link to head over to Astropad and watch the promo video below.

Moshi Ionbank and Mythro Earbuds Announced

Moshi Ionbank

Monday evening I had a chance to catch up with Moshi.  I’ve got to say they are probably my favorite Apple outfitter.  They always impress me with their new products.  At Pepcom’s Digital Experience on Monday prior to the start of CES 2013, Moshi had a few new items including the all new Ionbank, a portable charging solution for Apple and Android mobile devices. [Read more…]

Office For Mac 2011 Updated For Retina Support

Microsoft has reported an update for it’s popular Office 2011 Suite with Retina support for the new Apple MacBook Pro Retina.  This news comes just little over a month after reports that a commenter for the “Office for Mac Team” had shot down the notion of support for Office applications beyond Outlook. [Read more…]