2017 Will See Flying Cars For Sale

aeromobile 3.0

The news of the AeroMobil 3.0 going on sale to the public in 2017 made me think back to the 80’s when I would watch George Jetson dash out to his flying car docked at his home perched high in the sky and zoom off to work with out even a thought of a paved road. The AeroMobil is hardly the flying contraptions the Jetson’s were used to, but it is a step in that direction at least. [Read more…]

Equus Bass770 Buzz From 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Equus Bass770
Let me introduce you to the Equus Bass770. What?, you say. It looks pretty much like a retro, modified late 60’s Ford Mustang. To that I agree, however, appearance is about the only similarity involved. The Equus Automotive Bass770 created quite a stir at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Jump on in for a closer look. [Read more…]

Electric Supercars, Like It Or Not, There Here…To Stay

Were all familiar with the ho-hum commuter EVs on the road today like the Nissan Leaf and the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt.  Even the Tesla Roadster and Model S has been in the public eye for some time now.  While the Tesla cars are certainly not ho-hum and border on the super-car side, there is a breed of EVs on the move with stunning looks and performance to match. [Read more…]

OnStar and Cadilac Announcements

The OnStar / Cadillac press conference last night saw some pretty exciting news.  The Cue infotainment center, OnStar open source API and expanding on the Verizon 4G LTE partnership with streaming content, in-vehicle content sharing and Skype video calling. [Read more…]