Showtime Launches Standalone, Subscriptionless Service

Showtime App

Following in the footsteps of HBO, Showtime is now going to be available as a standalone service now, providing access to programming without paying a cable or satellite bill.

CBS owned Showtime, although not as popular as HBO, launches ahead of new season premiers and includes unlimited on-demand streaming of shows as well as live broadcasts of both the channel’s east and west feeds.

The Showtime standalone service cost $10.99 per month with no subscription after a 30-day free trial, while HBO’s standalone cost $14.99 per month. Right now the Showtime service is available on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Roku set-top boxes. Look for it on PlayStation Vue and Hulu services this week.

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Seinfeld Gets New Home At Hulu


Courtesy Sony Pictures
Reportedly, Hulu is said to have inked a deal for for rights to one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, the NBC series “Seinfeld” from the 90s, for an undisclosed amount.

The agreement is reported to include all 180 episodes at an estimated $700,000 per episode value. Sony Pictures  controls the distribution rights and this marks the first time the series has been unleashed in it’s entirety in digital form. TBS runs the series in syndication and has so for years. This Hulu deal is said to have no affect on how TBS airs the reruns.

Rumors have it that Amazon, Yahoo and Neflix were in the race for “Seinfeld” although Neflix reportedly dropped out early in favor of the “Friends” sitcom. The deal is said to be maid official by Hulu at their “Upfront” presentation for the media and advertisers today.

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