Samsung Galaxy S6 Review by MKBHD

MKBHD has reviewed the new Samsung Galaxy S6, which features a new design with a non-removable battery and non-removable storage at up to 128GB capacity. The all metal design provides a great feel and a major change from the prior plastic look and feel on older Samsung Galaxy models.

The Galaxy S6 has a solid 2560 x 1440 resolution and what MKBHD calls the best smartphone display, hands down. Touch Wiz has also been toned down for much better performance in day-to-day use. The 16MP camera has optical image stabilization and MKBHD thinks its the best camera of any Android phone and rivals even the iPhone 6+.

All in all, MKBHD thinks it is an awesome phone with some minor battery issues and minor complaints about Touch Wiz. You can find the Galaxy S6 here on Amazon.

Jurassic World’s New Trailer Teases ‘How to Screw Up a Dinosaur Movie’

In a world filled with gritty and dark action films, I was afraid we had seen the end of campy action flicks filled with terrible dialog and cringe-inducing one-liners. Jurassic World’s latest trailer, however, has proven that fear was misplaced.

22 years after the events of the first Jurassic Park film, it looks like Jurassic World will bring back yet another sequel of what made those earlier sequels so very “meh.”

The one saving grace may be Chris Pratt who plays a Velociraptor-Whisperer in the fight against the never-saw-it-coming escape of a genetically engineered super dinosaur.

Way to step out on a limb with something fresh Universal Pictures.

Jurassic World arrives in theaters on June 12, 2015.

Apple 2015 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) Announced


Apple has dropped the 2015 WWDC dates for June 8 – 12 at the recurring location of Moscone West in San Francisc, CA. The World Wide Developers Conference focuses on the future of OS X and iOS, Apples desktop and mobile operating systems. The WWDC also is where new product launches, like the Mac Pro and MacBook Air have happened. [Read more…]