Equus Bass770 Buzz From 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Equus Bass770
Let me introduce you to the Equus Bass770. What?, you say. It looks pretty much like a retro, modified late 60’s Ford Mustang. To that I agree, however, appearance is about the only similarity involved. The Equus Automotive Bass770 created quite a stir at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Jump on in for a closer look. [Read more...]

Hip Shot Dot First Person Shooter Aiming Accessory Review

Hip Shot Dot

Walking through a press event at CES 2014, the Hip Shot Dot display caught my eye. Some folks were playing Battlefield 4 with a red glowing dot in the center of the screen, but they weren’t using a red dot sight on their in-game gun.

Hip Shot Dot is a powered accessory with a USB plug on one end and a bright LED dot on the other end of a thin cable. The cable physically attaches to your TV with suction cups and gives you a permanent red dot sight for most FPS games. It works with Xbox, Playstation, Wii or PC games. [Read more...]

Sony Experia T2 Ultra: First “Phablet” of the New Year

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra




Today, Sony Mobile announce a new gigantic phone that we can call a “phablet,” I suppose, dubbed the Experia T2 Ultra, which is a mid to high end phone boasting a 6-inch screen and a smart social camera.  Jump on in for the whole story and press release if your hooked. [Read more...]

WWE Lays the Smackdown With 24/7 Network Launching in February

WWE Network

WWE fans, never worry about missing another big match or paying outrageous PPV rates again.  WWE has gone and done what we’ve all been waiting for.  They’ve gone around the the cable and satellite providers and networks and created their own online, streaming channel almost anyone can afford. [Read more...]