Amazon Helping-Hand Marketplace Set To Launch Monday

 Amazon Home Services 

Amazon is reportedly rebranding their hired-help service “Amazon Local Services” and relaunching as “Amazon Home Services” on Monday.

The on-demand services sector has become increasingly valuable as consumers have realized the value of a dollar can’t be taken for granted these days. It’s important to get top-quality service for those hard earned dollars and reputable providers play the top role in spending wisely.

Amazon’s Home Services offering makes a great deal of sense for the company that offers most any product imaginable. Soon if you live in one of the covered markets, Amazon can offer up a professional to install that new ceiling fan or give lessons for that new guitar and there’s only one shopping cart involved. The updated marketplace places Amazon directly in competion with service providers like Angie’s List, Yelp, Google’s business and Groupon. 

Amazon will hand-pick the pros it offers by requiring licensing, insurance and a complete background check. The caveot though, Amazon reportedly could take up to a 20% cut of the price of the service with varying levels down to as little as 5%. Reportedly, pros listed in Amazon Home Services will offer their service for equal priceing to direct buying and if a lower price is discovered, Amazon will match it. The upside for service providers is that Amazon will only allow real customers — those that have checked out through Amazon — to leave reviews, weeding out bogus comments from competitors.

A search of “Amazon Home Services” reveals this link, but is dead at the time of this post, however the “About” page is live.

[via Tech Crunch]

Amazon Fire TV Stick Gets Hotel-Friendly Wi-Fi Sign-In


Amazon is bringing a free software update to the Fire TV Stick and the standard Fire TV that adds the ability to connect to pesky captive portal hotel Wi-Fi networks, which force you to a dedicated web page for authentication before being able to use the network.

As a result, the compact size and newfound flexibility of the Fire TV Stick will make traveling with it will be a no-brainer with easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, Watch ESPN and a myriad of other apps.

The standard Fire TV box will get the same capability, as well as support for USB storage and wireless Bluetooth headphone support.

The $39 Fire TV Stick and $99 Fire TV are both available direct from

Kindle Fire HD & HDX Early Cyber Monday Deal

Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon is rocking an early Cyber Monday deal in the flavor of a $50 discount on the Kindle Fire HD and HDX.  Also, get the Kindle HD 8.9″ for $40 off.  The sale is on right now, so if your in the market head on over to Amazon now.

Kindle Fire HD – $119 (with special offers); $134 (without special offers)

Kindle Fire HDX – $179 (with special offers); $194 (without special offers)

Kindle Fire 8.9″ – $229 (with special offers); $244 (without special offers)

Kindle Fire HD: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition – New Book

Kindle Fire HD: The Missing Manual is a new book from author Peter Meyers. An overview of topics from the publisher include:

  • Read all about it. Find ebooks and newspapers in the Kindle Store, and add your own books and magazines.
  • Use great new features. Discover Amazon’s X-Ray service, and parental controls for individual users.
  • Take in a show. Watch movies and TV series, and display your photos and videos.
  • Go online. Browse the Web and manage email with Wi-Fi and 4D LTE.
  • Fill up your jukebox. Listen to your favorite music from Amazon and iTunes.
  • Load up on apps. Get popular games, guides, and references with Amazon’s Apps for Android.
  • Get to work. Read PDFs, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, and other docs.

Kindle Fire HD: The Missing Manual retails for $15.99; however, it is currently available for $9.99 in a Kindle Edition.