HTC One M9 Review from MKBHD

MKBHD has published his review of the new HTC One M9. Check it out in the video above.

As he points out, the key changes to the HTC One M9 come on the inside. The outside remains very similar to the HTC One M8.

HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 is still using Android 5.0.2 (no word when it will get the 5.1 upgrade) with the Sense 7 skin, which has a ton of built-in skins from which to choose. Performance is solid and very responsive with its 3GB RAM and Snapdragon processor.

The camera gets a big upgrade to a 20MP camera, which MKBHD says it still isn’t quite up to snuff with a lackluster dynamic range and sad performance with its 4K video capture.

You can find the HTC One M9 here on

Sphero Toy Gyrosropic Ball Hands-On…Again


Back at CES 2011 Sphero became one of my favorite new gadgets of the show, but was still in the developmental stage.  I bumped into them again this year at CES 2013, but now the robotic ball has a full head of steam with 20+ iOS and Android games including a recently released augmented reality game. [Read more…]

Moshi Ionbank and Mythro Earbuds Announced

Moshi Ionbank

Monday evening I had a chance to catch up with Moshi.  I’ve got to say they are probably my favorite Apple outfitter.  They always impress me with their new products.  At Pepcom’s Digital Experience on Monday prior to the start of CES 2013, Moshi had a few new items including the all new Ionbank, a portable charging solution for Apple and Android mobile devices. [Read more…]

NetTalk Updates Android App; New UI and Low Rate International Calling Gets Easier


NetTalk has updated its popular Android app for free calling in the US and Canada with a new UI and the ability to purchase international calling credits from inside the app.  Additionally, you can now sign-up for the an account within the application itself.

You can get the latest version of NetTalk on the Google Play Store.