Spotify Radio Now on Android . . . and It’s Free

Spotify for Android

Spotify dropped its radio feature onto Android this week following the move to iOS back in June.  The feature is available for free to all users – even if you aren’t already a premium subscriber.  If you’re strictly a freeloader though, you’ll be forced to listen to the occasional commercial between songs – much like Pandora.

The other catch is that Spotify Radio is only available for US users for now.  Spotify is available for download from the Google Play Store.

BlackBerry PlayBook Price Break…Too Little, Too Late? And OS 2.0

Recently, RIM dropped the price on all three PlayBook models.  The $199 starting price is quite a tease.  The PlayBook, from the beginning has been a performer with a dual core processor with looks to match and a stunning display.  However, the failing area has always been the reliance on a phone and BlackBerry app world. [Read more…]

Sony Press Conference at CES 2012

Monday night the Sony press conference was pretty spectacular.  Once the new products and services was talked up, Sony played the MIB3 trailer in 3D and then Will Smith came on stage briefly (cool stuff) and I was on the front row.  A few moments later Kelly Clarkson made a appearance and sang.

Back to the tech after the jump… [Read more…]

Android OS Is Top Target by Hackers




via McAfee


In this blog post by the New York Times, McAfee’s threat report including (amongst other info about hacker threats in general) statistics about Android OS being the most targeted mobile platform.  Android went from third, to first in the hacker target list.  That’s the double edged sword of using Android – one the one hand, you aren’t locked in like the Apple App Store to get your apps, but the downside is that apps are not vetted by Google, so they potentially could contain malware, which can be used to steal personal identifying information.

Are you using any steps on your Droid to prevent malware?  Share your tips here.