Audio Technica ATH-M70x Review from MKBHD

Audio Technica ATH-M70x Headphones

MKBHD just published his review on the new Audio Technica ATH-M70x headphones. Check out the video review below.

The M70x headphones are a step up from the popular Audio Technica M50x headphones and are geared more toward professional use with a flatter frequency response. MKBHD says the new M70x are a great choice for production environments but if you just want some good closed-back headphones for listening to music, the M50x are probably a better choice due to the price and the boosted low and high frequencies.

You can find the Audio Technica ATH-M70x headphones here on

Pyle Audio Releases Street Vibe Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Pyle Audio Street Vibe

Pyle Audio has released a new Bluetooth portable speaker – the Street Vibe. It connects via NFC with compatible Android devices, as well as the standard Bluetooth setup for devices without NFC.

Street Vibe Key Features

• USB flash & micro SD memory card readers
• Includes two 2.5” stereo speakers
• AUX (3.5mm) input connector jack
• Built-in rechargeable battery (2200 mAh)
• FM radio & sleep timer function
• EQ presets: Classic, Bass, Flat, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock
• Digital LCD display with adjustable brightness
• Easy touch button controls

The Pyle Audio Street Vibe retails for $149.99. Check it out here on

Zoom R8 Multi-track Recorder

The Zoom R8 is a digital multi-track recorder with dual XLR inputs and an on-board stereo mic.  The R8 is capable of running on 4 AA batteries, which give you over 5 hours of run time.  It can also be powered by USB and an AC adapter.

The R8 can record 2 24-bit/48khz tracks simultaneously and can mix 8 tracks on board.  Used with the included Cubase LE (or other DAW), you can record 24-bit/96khz audio.

The R8 runs $299 and is available at B&H.

More details in the video and press release below. [Read more…]

Zoom Q3HD Reviews and Resources

The Zoom Q3HD is a compact Flip-style camcorder that shoots full 1080p at 30 fps.  The Q3HD sets itself apart from other compact camcorders with a pair of condenser microphones atop the camera, which deliver better audio than found on other camcorders in its class.

You can find the Zoom Q3HD on B&H Photo and [Read more…]

Zoom H4n Firmware Update Gives XLR Inputs Independent Audio Levels

Zoom has just announced a firmware update to its H4n Handy Recorder that enables independent level controls for its XLR inputs.  With the new firmware, you can capture your boom and lav mics at different levels and then the stereo WAV file can be split into two mono files in post production.

You can download the firmware version 1.70 update from Zoom’s website.