Sony’s New 4K TVs Get Priced Starting at $5,000

Sony 4K TV

Sony’s new 4K TVs revealed back at CES 2013 should be available this summer with pre-orders starting later this month. The 55″ XBR-55X900A 4K TV will retail for $4,999, while the 65″ XBR-65X900A 4K TV will retail for $6,999.

Along with the new 4K TVs, Sony also priced its FMP-X1 4K Media Player bundled with 10 feature films and video shorts in true 4K resolution at $699. The FMP-X1 should be available this summer with the ability to download 4K titles to the device coming through Sony’s distribution service in the fall.

If you want to get in on the pre-order action, you can find out more here on Sony’s online store.

Sphero Toy Gyrosropic Ball Hands-On…Again


Back at CES 2011 Sphero became one of my favorite new gadgets of the show, but was still in the developmental stage.  I bumped into them again this year at CES 2013, but now the robotic ball has a full head of steam with 20+ iOS and Android games including a recently released augmented reality game. [Read more…]

Moshi Ionbank and Mythro Earbuds Announced

Moshi Ionbank

Monday evening I had a chance to catch up with Moshi.  I’ve got to say they are probably my favorite Apple outfitter.  They always impress me with their new products.  At Pepcom’s Digital Experience on Monday prior to the start of CES 2013, Moshi had a few new items including the all new Ionbank, a portable charging solution for Apple and Android mobile devices. [Read more…]

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater iPad Case Announced

Belkin Thunderstorm

If you’ve ever tried to watch a movie on an iPad using the built in speaker with ambient noise in the room then you know that’s nearly impossible.  At CES 2013, Belkin has finally come up with a solution to the volume coverage problem with the iPad in the way of the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater iPad Case. [Read more…]

3M Touch Display at CES 2013

3M Touch Display

3M was showing off its touch display technology at CES 2013 with a massive, table-sized touchscreen that allows you to move on-screen objects around on the table and also have the ability to rotate and zoom them with multi-touch controls.

The display is an 84-inch multi-touch display prototype that allows not only multi-touch from the user, but also multi-touch control from multiple users. There will be several concept models on display at CES 2013 from 32″ to 84″ in size. Production models are available 21.5″, 24″ and 27″ sizes for desktop displays.

Check out the short video of the 84″ prototype in action below.