Sony HD Handycam Camcorder Lineup for 2013

Sony HDR-PJ790VB Handycam

Sony has a new line-up of HD Handycam Camcorders at CES 2013 ranging from the flagship, $1,599 HDR-PJ790V to the $249 HDR-CX220.  All the Handycam line now offers the ability to switch between AVCHD or web-friendly MP4 formats.  Click on past the break to read more and watch a brief interview with Amy Koppmann of Sony. [Read more…]

Sony Press Conference at CES 2012

Monday night the Sony press conference was pretty spectacular.  Once the new products and services was talked up, Sony played the MIB3 trailer in 3D and then Will Smith came on stage briefly (cool stuff) and I was on the front row.  A few moments later Kelly Clarkson made a appearance and sang.

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New Ultra-Zoom Sony Handycam Camcorder


Ever wish you could zoom just a little closer to to the subject you are shooting.  Well Sony is delivering with a new ultra-zoom Handycam 67x zoom lens.  Of the 67x zoom, 57x is all optical zoom so clarity is not being lost for most of the zoom range.  With this new line of ultra-zoom cameras Sony is offering 2 models, the DCR-SR21E and DCR-SX21E.

The new-ultra zoom line is standard definition only, but that can be an advantage if you are limited on  video storage or have editing software that can’t hand HD video.  Both cameras are very similar with plenty of features with the big difference being storage.  The SR21E has a large onboard 80GB HDD and the XR21E carries a memory card slot and uses a Sony Memory Stick or SD card for storage.  Sony’s new external hard drive, the HD-PG5 serires offers easy PC-free backup.  Look for the ultra-zoom Handycam in September.  Find out more in the press release after the jump. [Read more…]

External Hard Drive From Sony For Home Entertainment Storage

Sony has finally jumped into the external hard drive world to expand their home entertainment storage options with the HD-PG5 series 500GB external hard drive.  The drive is USB 3.0 compatible and comes loaded with data transfer software.  The great thing about this new hard drive from Sony is the ability to direct connect to BRAVIA to record HD programming and direct copy from Handycam camcorders.  The HD-PG5 series will also work on your Playstation 3 or PC and is BUS powered so no AC adapter is needed.  Sony also includes a security suite and backup manager.

The HD-PG5 series is available available in the UK, Germany and France.  There is no word yet on US availability, but I imagine it won’t take too long.  Hit the jump for more in the press release. [Read more…]