JVC GZ-MG750BU Camcorder Review

The JVC GZ-MG750BU is a mid level compact HDD camcorder with up to 80 GB of capacity or 100 hours of record time and still capture capability.  At the highest quality setting there is 19 hours of in camera record time on hand.   A microSD expansion slot gives the ability to add storage or make file transfer quick and easy.  This JVC camcorder boast a 45x dynamic zoom, image stabilization and low light performance.

I think the main reasons for buying a camcorder rather than a pocket-style camcorder is storage and and optical zoom.  Though the two are not in the same category you should consider both styles.  If you can live with the bulkier size, more bang-for-the-buck can be squeezed from the typical camcorder like the GZ-MG750BU. [Read more…]