Apple “iTV” Tipped in Patent Application

A recently published US patent application from apple reveals a media device, along with its menu and content systems.  What’s interesting though is that the application features several menu diagrams and even screenshots that utilize the name “iTV” as opposed to Apple TV (the current product).

Notably, the patent was filed in March of this year, so it looks like Apple is working with an entirely new product rather than just dealing with an old patent where they haven’t decided on a name for the current Apple TV yet.  With the heavy rumors and predictions that we’ll see an actual TV from Apple later this year, it could be that Apple has been saving the iTV name just for that purpose.

Check out the patent for yourself in the PDF file, as well as additional shots of the interface, below. [Read more…]

New Apple TV: iPhone OS Meets Cloud Storage for $99

A tipster supposedly revealed to Engadget that the next Apple TV will closely resemble the next iPhone hardware, minus the screen.  The new Apple TV will deliver content via a cloud-based storage solution, with the option to go local using Apple’s Time Capsule.  No word on whether Apps or the App Store will be available, but it seems like a nature fit.

If the $99 price point is to be believed, this could be a truly killer piece of hardware.  Although, given Apple’s control-freak mentality, there’s probably some scary subscription plans for cloud storage built in somewhere.

No word on when official announcement will come though.  With Google TV in the mix though, you can bet that Apple won’t be too far behind.

Mitsubishi 2010 Unisen Immersive Sound TVs

Mitsubishi Unisen Immersive Sound LCD TV

Mitsubishi’s 2010 line up of LED TVs is out.  They range from 40 to 55-inches and include a number of features to enhance the overall entertainment experience.  One of the killer new features is StreamTV, which gets your TV online for instant streaming apps like Vudu movies, Pandora radio, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and more.  Bluetooth audio streaming lets you stream music from any Bluetooth A2DP device (e.g., iPod Touch, iPhone or Blackberry) to your TV.

Mitsubishi Unisen Immersive Sound LCD TV Price and Availability

More details below. [Read more…]

New ZVOX Sound Bars

ZVOX Sound Bar

ZVOX just dropped several new sound bar all-in-one speakers in three new flavors, the the ZVOX 575 HSD, $749.99; the ZVOX 550 HSD, $449.99; and the ZVOX 430 HSD, $449.99. The new sound bars offer a variety of input possibilities with optical, coax and analog inputs galore. All three systems use real wood (MDF) cabinets and include built-in powered subwoofers and ZVOX’s PhaseCue virtual surround sound system.