Adobe Using Flash Media Server to Stream HTML5 Video to iPad

Adobe showed off some of its new bag of tricks with how its Flash products now play nice with Apple’s iOS at NAB last week.  The wiz kids at Adobe have figured out a way to use its Flash Media Server to stream live video to the Apple iPad 2 (and other iOS devices) by converting the video to HTML5 on the fly.

Check out the introduction to the tech from Adobe’s sneak peek at NAB in the video below. [Read more…]

RipCode Solves the iPad Flash Problem . . . Now

RipCode V6

RipCode’s new TransAct Transcoder V6 can intercept content requests from an iPad and use its transcoding appliance to re-encode Flash content into a video format accepted by the iPad.  It works with video files from QVGA to 1080p.

I don’t understand how this stuff works, but it really would be nice to avoid all the Flash errors on the iPad.  So, get on it content owners and make the Internet more iPad friendly.

More details about RipCode in the press release below. [Read more…]