RED Scarlet Gets $1000 Price Hike, HDRx Capability

A couple of days ago, RED Leader Jim Jannard, announced a $1000 price bump for the upcoming Scarlet.  The reasonably-priced RED camera will get HDRx capability and, as Jannard puts it, “The extra money will go to more boards and another ASIC plus development. The improvement is more than worth the effort. The image possibilities and capability are incredible.”

When asked about the requirements for SSDs on the Scarlet, Jannard responded, “Because the image size is smaller, Scarlet 2/3″ will work HDRx™ at some REDCODEs with CF. SSD will certainly offer more options, but CF will work.” –Jim Jannard

There seems to be a couple of camps among pro and prosumer users in the forum thread.  Most posts seem to welcome the additions of these features in a sub-$6000 camera; however, some critics bemoan that the addition of the $1000 hike puts the Scarlet out their reach.  To which, Jannard responded:

We thought we might get into the “volume” business… but we realized we cater to professionals. –Jim Jannard

So, yes, the 3K camera for $3K is dead.  RED is what we’ve always known they were . . . niche, pro camera company.  I guess it just took them a while to figure that out for themselves.

$6K is still cheap for the current spec list on the Scarlet; however, as we’ve come to know with RED . . . this is still subject to change.

RED on RED Action Shows Off Scarlet and EPIC

The RED EPIC and Scarlet have been “on the radar” for about 2 years now. And even though we have no real clue as to when either camera will hit the market, the big RED One has proved good reason to pay attention to what RED is doing.

When a short video of the RED EPIC working the AF on a Canon 85mm f/1.2L lens surfaced on forums the other day, the chatter about these two monster cameras picked right back up.  The reason that the Scarlet was in the mix, was because it was the one doing the actual shooting of the EPIC’s AF operation.

It’s nice to see both cameras working their stuff.  Stay tuned for the latest on the Scarlet and EPIC.

[via Engadget]

RED Epic vs ARRI Alexa: Resolution and Dynamic Range

Jim Jannard over at RED has put a little comparison of his RED EPIC and the ARRI Alexa cameras with respect to resolution and dynamic range.

You can the full post over at  Keep in mind the the EPIC is a 5K resolution camera, and the Alexa is “only” a 3.5k camera.  Additionally, the Alexa carries a retail price tag in the neighborhood of $65,000 or so, while the EPIC is expected to weigh in at about $28,000.

YouTube Goes 4K, Requires Bigger Monitor Than You Have

What’s the resolution of your monitor?  A lot less than 4092 x 3072 pixels, eh?  Because that’s what you need to take advantage of the full 4K resolution now supported by YouTube.  However, many users appear to be unimpressed with the low bitrate (around 6500kbps) for the 4K resolution.  And, I’ll have to agree, it looks pretty darn crummy, even at my rather humble 1680 x 1050 monitor resolution.

You can chew on some of the 4K videos already on YouTube here.

Quick Links – Netflix 28 Days, iPhone 4.0, Xbox Storage, and More

Netflix inked a deal with 20th Century Fox so that you won’t get new releases for at least 28-days after DVD and Blu-ray release. Universal too.

Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0.  Also at Giz.

New LED lightbulbs are gonna last 17 years and only consume 9w of power.

RED’s got some cool modular storage.

Netflix Android App might be coming soon.

Who wants a remote control Star Wars lightsaber wall light?

The Xbox 360 gets USB storage support. Giz too.

HP Slate looks to give the iPad some competition. eWeek and engadget.