Canon Announces New VIXIA HD Camcorders With A Better Sensor and Social Networking At CES

CES 2012 is seeing a flood of new and updated products including Canon’s new line of VIXIA HD camcorders.  The new line includes three compact VIXIA HF M-series models, the HF M52, HF M50 and HF M500 as well as three entry-level VIXIA HF R-series, the HF R32, HF R30 and HF R300, which Canon says improvements to functions and features, like a newly designed HD CMOS Pro image sensor, have been made.  To help get your social media fix in, WiFi connectivity and DLNA compatibility has been stuffed in.

Video capture in MP4 is now an option and with the WiFi connectivity videos can be directly unloaded to YouTube and Facebook or mobile devices in a snap.

Also unveiled was Canon’s new PowerShot G1 X and PowerShot ELPH Digital Cameras. [Read more…]

Live On YouTube

If you missed day one of live broadcasting on YouTube, like I did, you can still catch some of it today.

YouTube is experimenting with live broadcasting and has recruited select partners to participate.  YouTube says depending on how things go, Live on YouTube could roll out more broadly, but for now YouTube the live streaming platform is purely trial.

Beginning at 7:30am pst today YouTube will crank up live broadcasting again.  Hit the schedule above to find something to watch.

YouTube Goes 4K, Requires Bigger Monitor Than You Have

What’s the resolution of your monitor?  A lot less than 4092 x 3072 pixels, eh?  Because that’s what you need to take advantage of the full 4K resolution now supported by YouTube.  However, many users appear to be unimpressed with the low bitrate (around 6500kbps) for the 4K resolution.  And, I’ll have to agree, it looks pretty darn crummy, even at my rather humble 1680 x 1050 monitor resolution.

You can chew on some of the 4K videos already on YouTube here.

Iron Baby Has Mad Skillz

We all expected that Disney’s purchase of Marvel would lead to more kid-friendly movies, but this is out of control…

The Iron Baby trailer is making its way around the Internet this week, but the short film’s director, Patrick Boivin, has a lot more talent up his sleeve.

Boivin’s demo reel is after the break. [Read more…]

How is This Not Family Safe Content?

I frequently upload videos to YouTube for cameras and other gadgets here at Tech Tilt, as well as Photography Bay.  The above video is intended to demonstrate the high-speed frame rate of the new Nikon P100 superzoom camera.  This produces a cool slow motion effect.  YouTube thinks it is not family safe content. [Read more…]

muvee Reveal

muvee Reveal

muvee Reveal is a software program designed to help luddites transform simple home movies into more professional-looking videos.  The software touts the ability to apply professional templates, add music voiceover and captions, and share on YouTube or Facebook with ease.  muvee Reveal also supports HD video for the growing HD crowd of home video cameras. [Read more…]